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Trailer War Bonnet This war bonnet other from the other two Bonnets usually takes a lot more eagle feathers to complete because of its expansive long tail of the bonnet. The eagle represents victory, conquest, and personal power. As we see with these head dresses only select members had enough feathers to make these trailer war bonnets and again these feathers were not just given out

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Plains Indian Museum

Oglala Teton Sioux 4
seed 1420 Beads 2617 Red 1061 beige 65 eagle 171 felt 201 feathers 641 hawk 75 cloth 876 wool 622 lazy stitch 368
War bonnet 36
geometric 807
ca. 1880
cap diameter: 8.5 in
Dress and Adornment - Status Symbols and Insignia of Office. War bonnet - felt skull cap with lazy stitch bead band across front in geometric design. Sides have tassles of hawk feathers. Single trailer of red wool with edges bound and lined with beige cloth. Eagle feathers on skull cap and trailer with red wool wrapped stems. Belonged to Chief Little Wound who died August 18, 1891.
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