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Plains Indian Museum

Sioux 990 Northern Plains 1866
felt 201 abalone 33 Buckskin 430 eagle 171 shell 87 horse 292 Beads 2617 Ribbons 76 cloth 876 string 175 porcupine 379 feathers 641 quills 403 Red 1061 hair 424 ermine 119 hat
War bonnet 36
ca. 1890
Diameter: 22 in, L: 16.75 in
Dress and Adornment - Status Symbols and Insignia of Office. War bonnet - Quilled headband with red, yellow and purple; left side at end of band 9 small ribbons-purple, green, yellow and pink; 5 ermine tails, 2 wide pink ribbons, six small eagle feathers attached with string; right side, 8 small ribbons yellow, red, green, pink; attached to small pink abalone shell; 4 ermine tails; 4 small eagle feathers; also 1 large wide dark pink cloth hanging from both sides; 30 eagle feathers attached to felt hat ends wrapped with red felt and cloth; under large eagle feathers in back 12 small eagle feathers attached with string to buckskin strings; large eagle feathers tipped with red horse hair; on back of felt hat large hole; small eagle feathers attached blue piece attached also.
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