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Plains Indian Museum

Unknown 893
owl 27 leather 2024 Gray 59 yarn 210 seed 1420 horsehair 91 red/white hearts 133 Beads 2617 ribbon 206 yellow 526 feathers 641 green 634 fur 151 eagle 171 yellow dyed 4 Cord 34 breath 10
War bonnet 36
triangles 289
ca. 1930
H: 16 in, Open Width: 15 in
Credit Line:
Gift of Pauline Hills and Thelma Crandall
Dress and Adornment - Status Symbols and Insignia of Office. War bonnet - made on a wide, yellow-dyed, pieced leather band; 32 eagle feathers with patches of gray fur over red or red and gray breath feathers and yellow or gray horsehair at tips, gray and dark blue breath feathers at bases except for 4 which have orange feathers at bases, bases wrapped with green yarn and laced onto leather band with a leather thong, eagle feathers are connected to each other with a leather thong through the shaft of each feather at about midway on front feathers tapering to 1/3 of the way from the bottom on back feathers, interspaced between eagle feathers on the band are dyed breath feathers - pink in the front and orange in the back; horizontally beaded band in front has 3 royal blue triangles bordered with yellow bands on a red/white hearts ground with a green scallop border, all seed beads; ends of band are trimmed with strips of gray fur and 2 clusters of short white, green and orange ribbon; longer white, green, yellow and red ribbons are tied to back of band; 2 small eagle feathers with pink and gray breath feathers at bases and green yarn wrapped bases are attached to rear of bonnet band with yellow cord; top of bonnet band has 2 intersecting cords to which are attached 3 bundles of orange-dyed and split owl feathers and 1 bunch of split eagle feathers.
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