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Whitney Western Art Museum

Russell, Charles M. 232
pen and ink 13 watercolor on paper 128
illustrated letter 17
Figure 353 Group 440 Landscape 691 Cowboy 292
ULC: April 20 1914
sight height: 6.5 in, sight width: 8.875 in, Frame height: 16.625 in, Frame width: 18.875 in, frame depth: 1.75 in
Raban, Percy, 4/20/1914
Credit Line:
Gift of William E. Weiss.
When Russell exhibited his paintings in London, he visited the sights and wrote back home to his friends such as Percy Raban.
April 20, 1914 Friend Percy here I am in old London an Its [?] antique I was up north of the big camp the other day where stands an old monistary all so a wall built by the romans built I suppose to protect them from Dinny Doolins forefathers who crossed the chanel once an a while in there bull boats healed with clubs of black thorne an stone axes to pruve to the gladitors that life wasent no lengethy picknie I was told that this country was also the home range of William the Conqueror a gentle man whos history would make Sitting Bull look like Brother Van I found a pach of woods that was realy lonsum an I couldent help but wonder what would happen . if the wheel of time would slip her slip her cogs an slide back to the tenth sentury like Mark Twains yankie A fine chance Id a stood in this timber afoot if Bill [?] an his bunch of killers had of rode on to me dressed in there steel chain union suits theird been nothing for me but take my hat off an make a squaring talk or sing God save the King Well Percy I will have to close as we are going out in the country with best whishes from us both to you and yors Your friend C M Russell Address Dore Gallery 35 New Bord St London
Restrictions: May not be sold or traded under any circumstances. Signed LRC: your friend/C M Russell
Book: Charles M. Russell, The Storyteller's Art by Raphael James Cristy; University of New Mexico Press, Albuquerque, 2004, plate 29 (following page 172).
Accession Number:

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